Top Tips for Taking Care of Toddler Teeth

We’ve all heard people joke about toddlers – referring to two year olds in the ” terrible twos” or a three year old acting like a “threenager” – and if you’re a parent you know there’s good reason for it. Have you ever tried to floss a toddler’s teeth? It is no joke! Toddlers fight you on everything – unless it’s made of sugar, am I right?

But seriously, speaking of sugar – that’s one of the many reasons it’s super important to not only brush, but floss your toddler’s teeth as well. Now, as we’ve already established, cleaning a toddler’s teeth can be a giant pain so here are some tips that will hopefully make the job a little easier.

The bottom line is do whatever it takes. Be persistent and find something that works for both you and your child. Your persistence will pay off in the long run. Creating healthy habits now will open the door for a happy and healthy future, and what more could you want for your child than that?

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