Books to Help Your Child Overcome Fear of the Dentist

If your child is struggling with fear and anxiety about going to the dentist, there is hope. Start with one of the best past times for children—reading books. There are so many books on the market written to help children overcome a fear of visiting the dentist. Here are five of the top picks that offer a positive message to reduce fear and nervousness for kids who are scared of the dentist.

“The Tooth Book” by Dr. Seuss

For children who are nervous about going to the dentist and unsure about the whole concept of dental care, “The Tooth Book” is a fabulous introduction. It’s well suited for children ages two to five. Written in the rhyming voice by the beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss, the book discusses different types of teeth. It also touches on dental care and visiting the dentist, serving as a great first step to helping kids overcome their fears.

“Just Going to the Dentist” by Mercer Mayer

The Little Critters book series rises to the occasion with “Just Going to the Dentist.” Written from the perspective of the familiar character Little Critter, this book is dedicated to relieving dental fears for kids ages three to seven. Throughout the story, Little Critter illustrates everything a child could experience while in the dentist’s chair. By showing children what to expect in a lighthearted way, this classic book eases away the uncertainty of going to the dentist. Recommended for children who are afraid of their first dental visit.

“Curious George Visits the Dentist” by H. A. Rey

Another classic character, Curious George the monkey is at it again, this time with a visit to the dentist. The man with the yellow hat makes sure that George’s teeth are in good shape after he bites into an apple. In return, children who read this tale learn about dental hygiene and visiting the dentist. For ages four to seven, this is a great introduction to dentistry that offers just enough information to soothe the worries of children.

“Dentist Trip” by Scholastic

If your child is a Peppa Pig fan, then “Dentist Trip” published by Scholastic will be a well-read selection. Follow Peppa and George as the latter goes for his first visit to the dentist. The friendly animal characters and bright colors turn the dentist’s office into a fun-loving place. Plus, when you purchase this paperback it comes with stickers of dental tools and the pig characters. Take the stickers along to the dentist to give your child an anxiety busting activity to do in the waiting room.

“Open Wide: Tooth School Inside” by Laurie Keller

Full of fun facts about teeth and plenty of dental characterization, “Open Wide: Tooth School Inside” is one of a kind. This book is written for four to eight-year-olds who are just starting to visit the doctor’s office. The premise is a positive spin on teeth and dentists that take care of them. It also features fantastic graphics and illustrations that help take a kid’s mind off of dental anxieties. Perfect for kids who have been to the dentist in the past, but are now afraid of going for cleanings or dental treatments.


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