Emergency Dentistry

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At Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry, with offices in The Woodlands and Spring, Texas, Scott A. Andersen, DDS, and Tab R. Imdacha, DDS, give special attention to dental emergencies. If your child suffers tooth damage during sports or develops an infection, call the office nearest you as soon as possible to get a full oral evaluation and treatment.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is any situation where your child suffers trauma or serious tooth or mouth pain. The most common dental emergencies include:

  • Tooth infection
  • Open mouth wounds
  • Fractured or broken tooth
  • Knocked-out or loose tooth

Children often suffer a dental emergency while participating in a sport or just playing at home. To protect your child’s oral health and prevent tooth loss or other dental complications, Dr. Andersen and Dr. Imdacha offer emergency dental services at both of their locations.

What should I do if my child’s tooth is knocked out?

In some cases, a tooth that gets knocked out or is severely loose can be put back into place, preserving your child’s natural tooth.

In the event a tooth falls out, you should carefully pick it up by the top part, or the crown, without touching the roots. You can rinse debris off with tap water before gently inserting it back into your child’s mouth. They can keep the tooth in place by biting down until you can make it to the office for an evaluation.

If you can’t put the tooth back into place, you can store it in a small cup of milk and call Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry right away.

How dangerous is a tooth infection?

A tooth infection can result from an untreated cavity. Bacteria can enter the tooth root and cause painful inflammation and infection, which interferes with your child’s ability to chew or speak. In some cases, the infection can become so painful, your child can’t tolerate the discomfort.

Infections in a tooth require emergency care to prevent the spread of infection to other parts of the body, which can become a life-threatening situation.

Dr. Andersen and Dr. Imdacha can evaluate your child’s infection and may recommend a course of antibiotics to reduce inflammation and clear the infection before performing further dental work.

In situations where the tooth can’t be saved, Dr. Andersen and Dr. Imdacha may recommend a tooth extraction, removing the tooth and thoroughly cleaning out the infection.

If you think your child has a dental emergency, call the office nearest you without delay.