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Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry in The Woodlands and Spring, Texas, emphasizes not just dental care for children, but also education and support for the child and their family. The pediatric dentistry team, led by Scott A. Andersen, DDS, and Tab R. Imdacha, DDS, is here to help you and your child through every stage as they grow, from their very first appointment to their teenage years. Book your child’s appointment using the online tool or by phone today.

Pediatric Dentistry Q & A

When should my child see a pediatric dentist?

Your child should visit Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry for their first checkup at the time their first tooth erupts, or at 12 months if they don’t have any teeth yet. Dr. Andersen or Dr. Imdacha discusses future checkups with you at that time. Usually, children need to have checkups and teeth cleanings twice a year, every six months.

How are pediatric dentists different than family dentists?

Pediatric dentists have specialized training in children’s dental care. Just like your pediatrician is uniquely suited to look after your child’s whole-body health, Dr. Andersen and Dr. Imdacha specialize in their oral health.

Family dentists see patients of all ages. While they may treat kids, they’re not specialists in the dentistry needs of children to the degree that pediatric dentists are. Because children are especially vulnerable to tooth decay and problems connected to it, seeing a specialist is important for your child’s oral health.

How can I prepare my child for the dentist?

Some children feel apprehensive about seeing the dentist, but you can prepare them and ease their anxiety in a few simple ways. When you talk about visiting the dentist, use a positive voice and enthusiastic manner. If your child expresses worries, explain that the dentist is their friend and that they’ll enjoy learning new things while they’re at Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry.

Read your child a book about a trip to the dentist (a positive one, of course) to help them understand what’s coming up. You can even play “dentist’s office” at home to help your child see it as a non-threatening visit.

What should I do for my child’s toothache?

Toothaches during childhood aren’t that different than toothaches in your adult years. They hurt, no matter how old you are. Soothe your child’s toothache by rinsing with a saltwater solution, and then apply a cool cloth to their jaw if there’s any swelling. Usually, an over-the-counter children’s formula pain reliever alleviates any lingering discomfort temporarily.

Call Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry as soon as possible to arrange a visit with Dr. Andersen or Dr. Imdacha to find out why the toothache happened and what you can do to preserve your child’s oral health.

When you need oral care for your child, count on the pediatric dentists at Woodlands Pediatric Dentistry for expert care. Schedule by calling the office most convenient to you or using the online tool.