Summertime is the Best Time for Dental Checkups

We know, we know … summers are for relaxing! They don’t call them the lazy days of summer for nothing … BUT summers are also the best time to schedule your kid’s dental checkups.

Here’s why:

No School – The best thing about summertime appointments is that your kids won’t have to miss school to come to their appointment! Absences – even if it’s just leaving school a little early – are taken seriously by schools, and students are only allowed so many. Scheduling appointments on non-school days allows you to save those absences for when they are truly needed.

Convenience – You won’t have to cram in the appointment on your already busy evenings or weekends. With no school, no soccer games or band practices, no dance classes – your schedule is free.

Setting Habits – Summertime is the perfect time to help your child practice healthy habits. While they are out of school and have a break from sports or other after-school/weekend activities, they will have extra time to focus on creating a healthy dental routine following their appointment.

Ideal Timing – Routine dental checkups should be scheduled every 6 months. If you schedule your child’s dental checkup for June, then you can schedule the next appointment for December, when she’s out of school for Christmas break.

By scheduling your kid’s checkups in the summertime, you’re making your children’s dental health a priority, without sacrificing convenience.

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